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Construction1.com is the international portal for worldwide Construction Industry. This portal is an active business-to-business website for all Construction Suppliers and their products like Construction Supplies. We bring companies worldwide together and give them opportunities to increase their international business. At the moment we have 26194 Suppliers from more the 100 countries worldwide registered at Construction1.com. The Construction Suppliers on our portal are divided in Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, Distributors and more. You can contact these companies directly to explore business opportunities. For example you can find Construction Distributors in Germany, Construction Exporters in Europe or Construction Suppliers of specific products wold-wide!

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Latest suppliers

601 Sturt Street

Ballarat, 3350


Distributor, etc
Products / Services:
Construction Supplies


Baia Mare, 430117


Distributor, Exporter, Manufacturer, etc
Products / Services:
Airport Construction, Construction Designing Services, Construction Engineering, etc

#4-5666 12th Avenue

Delta, V4L 1C4


Distributor, etc
Products / Services:
Construction Supplies

Latest events

Victoria Island , Lagos / NIGERIA, Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria

Event type: Exhibitions

Ayyildiz A Blok Apt.Dai:11 K:4 Gayrettepe-Sisli



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