Gansu construction equipment manufacturing Co., LTD.
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Gansu Construction Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Pengjiaping National Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park of Lanzhou city, Gansu province, and is the subordinate enterprise of Gansu Construction Investment Holding (Group) Corp. Our company formerly known as Gansu first construction Machinery Factory (Gansu Lanfeng Construction Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ) founded in 1995 and Gansu Second Construction Machinery factory (Gansu construction equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.) Founded in 1969, and integrating development, production, sales, rental, installation, transformation, service of the "Lanfeng" and "Constructiongod" series construction equipment, earth-moving machinery, piling machinery, tunnel boring machine etc. Our company is a new top corporation meeting the modern enterprise system with globalization and market-driven competitiveness. And it is a cross-cultural organization respecting different cultures and belief. Popularize integrity and equality, equity and harmony to the company and extend to the value chain. With the goal of seeking high quality and hi-tech client base, we committed to manufacturing, purchasing and supplying the products which can satisfy customers' high standard on the technology, quality and delivery in time, and provide full service for customers by modern warehouse logistics technology.


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1. Construction Supplies: Construction Services, Construction Equipment, Construction Materials, Basalt, Chains


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CE, IOS9001

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Turn over:

$ 1,000,000 - $ 10,000,000


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