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PolyKam is a developing and manufacturing company established at the year of 2010 in the field of identifying , producing and presenting sustainable and energy saving building materials to meet with European strategic environmental & energy consuming standards and building cost reduction trends .​As a result of long term technological attempts in sector of thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings , the Cellular Foam Glass slabs has been added to PolyKam supply portfolio and for meeting with economical & low cost expectation of building owners and project managers , a manufacturing plant with cooperation with a local entrepreneur has been set-up in a middle -east country to reduce energy cost of production of our Cellular Foam Glass ,thanks to low cost energy source at the locality of manufacturing plant and transferring the benefit of such cost reduction , into consumers of our Cellular Foam Glass , KamFoamGlas”in central European & Middle East countries , where our headquarter and distribution center is located in Czech Republic for an insured & continuous supply of insulation materials and technical services ,to the regional clients .​KamFoamGlas is a new type of inorganic thermal insulation material composed by thousands of tiny uniform hermetically sealed glass cells. Its outstanding features are: low density, low thermal conductivity, vapor-tight & waterproof, non-combustible, mold & pest-proof, high mechanical strength and easy to cut and shape .KamFoamGlas slabs are whole inorganic , incombustible , “A” grade fire resist and Corrosion resistance to most corrosive chemicals .


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1. Construction Supplies: Construction Materials


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worldEuropeMiddle East


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< $ 1,000,000

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1 - 10

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Origin: Iran

Category: Construction Insulations


&nbsp;Technical details of KamFoamGlas insulation slabs&nbsp;Density (Kg/CBM) :120Thermal Conductivity (W/() @10 10 &deg;C :Compressive strength (Mpa) :Average bending strength...


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