Social Audit Inspection Report Template


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Download our premium Corporate Social Audit SA 8000 full template now!

We provide this SA 8000 customized inspection template that will enable you to improve your Corporate Responsibility by implementing Social Audits at your factories. This specific SA 8000 social audit template is already in use by several Social Auditors in China. 

Corporate Social Audits (SA 8000) in China and AsiaOur certified SA 8000 auditors have over 10 years of experience in Corporate Social Responsibility Audits (SA 8000) in China and Asia. They can check the factory according to international standards, including the SA 8000 standard. We will work with you and your factory in Asia to prepare for this social audit. While we have a specific protocol for each standard; we can also include requirements specific to your company.
This Corporate Social Audit (CSA) will allow you to:

  1. demonstrate to your clients and environment that you are socially responsible company.
  2. be proactive about sustainable development.
  3. avoid factories with dangerous working conditions, child labor etc.
  4. know the gap between your vendors status and the SA 8000 certification standard.
  5. make correct comparisons between your vendors.
  6. save time and secure your business!
  7. of course our Social Audit Template enables your inspector to write suggestions for improvement. Many customers and factories enact corrective action plans after an initial social audit. The implementation of the corrective action plan is the first step towards achieving the SA 8000 certification.

Download now our SA 8000 Social audit template, and we can guarantee you it will safe you time, costs and efforts and will improve your corporate social status to your customers!



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